The Smart Factory for You:

Prices and Packages

The Smart Factory is divided into a Capture of Production Data and a Machine Data Logging Package. The latter is subdivided into different stages. The packages can be booked and implemented flexibly.

THE capture of production data PACKAGE:

With the Capture of Production Data Package, you can allot production orders to individual workplaces, report work progress, deviations and errors - it includes:

  • SAP PP confirmations: Confirmation of quantities and times, displaying personnel numbers, application status or documents
  • Control Station: simple control station functionalities, number of orders, remaining working time, reorganization within the workplace hierarchy
  • Failure recording: creation of Q-notifications
  • Materials Management: Corrections, MIGO-APP, requisitioning
  • Condition Monitoring: Record downtimes and malfunctions, create maintenance messages

machine data logging package

The Machine Data Logging Package extends the Smart Factory towards direct connection of machines or the processing of machine data. The data exchange is structured in three stages:

1. Unidirectional communication 2. Bidirectional communication (requires unidirectional communication) 3. Data Lake (storage of sensor & process data for data analytics)

Real-time reporting is provided for all Smart Factory packages.


The first step to your Smart Factory is the free Smart Check. The Smart Check is a 30-minute phone call in which we discuss your initial situation. Afterwards, you will receive feedback from us on how your company can benefit from the Smart Factory.

On this basis, we offer customized Fit for Smart Factory workshops to work with you on the digitization strategy for your company and plan the next steps.


The Smart Factory packages are each based on a monthly rate and a pay-per-use component. These are made up as follows:

The Capture of Production Data Package is available at monthly basic amount of € 600 € plus € 20 per used workstation.

The Machine Data Logging Package (level 1 and 2) starts with a monthly basic amount of € 900 plus 50 € per connected workstation (machine). Level 3 adds € 100 per month for a message package (up to 6 million messages).


Capture of Production Data Package:

The introduction of Smart Factory Capture of Production Data Package is available at a fixed price of € 9,900.

Optionally, we can support you with consulting services, project management and additional go-live support.

Machine Data Logging Packages:

We offer additional workshops for the Machine Data Logging Package. In these workshops, we map out your specific digitization project. We determine the optimization potential, evaluate the connection of your machinery and estimate the effort for the implementation.


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